• professional coaching for film music & the music scene
  • learning with “MODULES”
  • company concept & start up coaching
  • social media coaching & professional acquisition
  • coaching for label work, licenses, gema, gvl, contracts & negotiations
  • coaching for pillar4+
  • mental coaching with personal analysis



Since 2021 i`m offering my PRIVATE MUSIC-, FILMMUSIC-, MENTAL COMPANY CONCEPTS & SOCIAL MEDIA Coachings. The individual coaching with #20 thematic modules enables a professional study of film music. Up to 20 different topic complexes and many new modules are offered, from the basic training becoming to a professional film music composer. The coaching takes place using the Zoom software, you need basic knowledge, which I would to support you. With several cameras you get different video views from the recording studio and an excellent speaker transmission. The sound for music is transmitted to you in hi-fi stereo. My complete logic session with all 1,000 tracks, mixer, plug-ins and film will also be transmitted on your home screen.

Registration with a personal coaching at
Coachings by arrangement from Monday to Fri, starting at 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.

Each coaching module has a length of 3 hours, per 60 minutes € 80,-, plus VAT
Each module can be extended as desired
Various modules require at least 2-3 coaching sessions due to the complexity of the subject matter

2 persons: 70,- per 60 minutes per person, plus VAT
3 persons (max): 60,- per 60 minutes per person, plus VAT




modul #01 ARTIST GROW UP
How to become a successful artist – from pop/electronic to film music. Module from 9 hours

– Artist conception: from style to sound to album
– Distribution and label
– Videos & YouTube
– Streamers: from Spotify to Apple Music
– Marketing & Concepts
– Concerts & Online
– Social Media
– Income & Controlling



module #02 SOCIAL MEDIA for composers & musicians
How do I successfully and profitably build up my social media channels and thus create a professional network for myself?

– YouTube
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Twitter
– TikTok
– LinkedIn
– Spotify
– Others



How do I achieve a stable annual and continuous income as a freelance artist. How do I secure my future?

– Professional creation of a monthly income & outcome table
– Security at the push of a button: Creation of a future revenue plan for approx. 40 years
– Pension protection for artists
– Expansion of my various artistic activities: from teaching to commissioned composer
– Expansion of various pillars such as label, album, production music, software, lessons, concerts, musician, video editing, soundtrack, dubbing
– Continuous royalty revenue models

– Professional controlling of license income: from the label, GVL to GEMA
– Constructive ideas for start-up / GmbH & GBR



How do make your music albums successfull? Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

– Conception of an album release: how to market your music?
– Cover concept: work out according to international marketing criteria
– Dual releases in local language and English?
– Title and text concept: work out according to international marketing criteria
– The right track order and lengths: often not strategically aligned
– Conception of a time schedule with pre-roll
– Distribution registration: done right?
– The Spotify Rules: from Placement, Competition, Inspectors, Manage, Canvas, Analytics
– The Spotify playlist campaigns: give and take
– Headers, profile picture & posts on streamers
– The right radio campaigns
– Media, print, interviews: expanding the concept
– The social media campaign: Alignment over approx. 4 weeks
– The album newsletter
– The Video Campaign, Pre-Roll Campaign, Countdown Campaign
– The YouTube concept
– The social media campaign for followers, listeners, streams, boosters
– The playlist campaigns: national and international
– The hit campaigns in the respective countries
– The social media orientation for directors and producers
– Other social media websites and portals for your album concept
– Partner Delivery, Partner Agreements, Conceptual Design
– Working out personal concepts, depending on the style of the album



module #05 YOUR OWN LABEL
How do make your own label successfull? Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as desired

– Founding a label
– Rights & contracts
– Label concept
– Label work
– Streaming distribution
– ISRC & EAN Codes
– Gema & GVL registrations
– Label controlling
– Marketing & sales



module #06 Frequently booked! PROFESSIONAL ACQUISITION IN 14 STEPS
Module from 9 hours

In 14 steps, it is explained in detail how to professionally acquire customers, receive orders and expand your customer network. In this module, personal websites and social media accounts are analyzed and improved, perfect emails, role plays, domestic and foreign acquisitions and the route to the USA, working with editors, directors and producers, studio owner, soloist, coach or sound developer and much more. Through a weekly and targeted acquisition, it is possible to multiply your monthly fee.
The 14 Steps: spadework analysis. talents. your home page. modern show reels. social media Internet. competitions and pitches. management & agencies. foreign acquisition. hollywood. cold acquisition. business talk & band contracts. presence & online. film production companies & streaming services. on Air: from festivals to premieres. your daily to-do list.



How do I create, improve and update my music business start-up? Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required.
This new professional power module has a upgrade price from € 100,- per 60 minutes, plus VAT

How do I create, improve and update my music business start-up? From a social media plan to the new realization of a new start-up company. Expansion of structures and customer groups. Company profiles created with individual corporates, according to the future. Be brave and individual, times are changing.



How do I create a professional music mastering? Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

In this module you will learn with your own music examples, how to implement professional music mastering. From frequency analysis, the right equalizers, analyzing, phases, from compression to limiting, from overtones, stereo or mono width, from mastering plugins to the right loudspeaker boxes and their positions. This module also contains instructions for professional recording studio acoustics. Which absorbers do I need: from bass absorbers to ceiling panels, which materials do I need in the recording studio, what resonates, which floor constellations do you need? Your recording studio will also be analyzed and if necessary optimized.



Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

In this module we work with a large selection of professional hardware synthesizers and many well-known software synthesizers. Which synthesizers are trending, what is the difference between hardware & software, digital or analogue sound generation, which synthesizers do I use for which music genres? We go into the topics of oscillators, filters, ADSR, LFO as well as FX and modulations, listen to your electronic titles and analyze how we can improve their sound.



How to create professional orchestra mockups. Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

In this new module we work with current orchestral libraries, from Aaron Venture Infinite to Spitfire, with real impulse responses like the Mozarteum or Air Studios (Harry Potter), with impulse and reverb simulations from Cinematic Rooms to MIRPro, with Solo Orchestra Instruments from VSL and many other manufacturers. Due to the immense amounts of data from orchestra sessions, we learn how to work with Vienna Ensemble Pro7 in connection with the Logic Pro sequencer (also possible with Cubase!). This enables sessions with up to 200 GB of RAM and over 1,000 tracks on a host session. With the know how of professional logic setups, the exact programming of controllers, repetition tools and room simulations, various logic examples and your music setup, i will show you how authentic orchestra mockups can be created.



module #11 pillar4+ THE FUTURE OF FILM- & MEDIA MUSIC
With which financial pillars does the modern media composer earn today? Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required
Module from 6 hours

In this new module, work plans are created, with which 17 pillars a film composer can successfully earn his money and how one learns to individually combine and optimize one’s pillars successfully. 17 pillars: film composer. advertising composer. Games composer. Trailer composer. ProductionMusic. Label & publisher marketing. Music & Sound Software Industry. ALL IN ONE production. Influencers in social media. Musician / Concerts. Music Advisor / Music Supervisor. Coaching / speaker lecturer / music teacher. Music manager / license business. Music Producer / Music Engineer. Orchestrator / Arranger / Organization. Performance artist. Gap in the market



Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

Based on a Logic Pro session with over 1,000 tracks, I will advise you on which current software and sound libraries you are currently working in film music, how you can program and use the libraries sensibly. The following themes are available: Orchestra Libraries. Hollywood Drums & Percussion. Solo instruments & steel strings. Piano Libraries. Ethnic Instruments. Choirs. Software Synthesizes. Fx Plug-ins & Pads Libraries. Mastering, Equalizer and Mixing plug-ins. Logic Pro Host. VEP7 host.



module #13 Frequently booked! DRAMALYSE METHOD
Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

With the help of various graphics, analysis methods, audio samples and interactive composing on the computer, your film scenes with sound are analyzed dramaturgically, improved with exercises and thus perfected for the customer. Here we discuss which instrumentations and compositional styles are best for achieving a perfect result, how errors in dramaturgical composition can be avoided and how to become more and more professional from film scene to film scene. Film scenes to be set to music are delivered by me in advance



Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

This is about practices in recordings with orchestras and solo instruments: from the first microphone setup to the right master plug-in. How do I hear correctly? What tools, monitors and hardware/software do I need? How do I build the right acoustics? What is right, what is wrong?



module #15 Frequently booked! MODERN COMPOSING
Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

How does modern film music or music in general sound today? Which musical genres are wanted and played on TV stations, in cinema films and streaming services? This module is about composing modern film music, new harmony structures, synthesizer programming, creating spaces, working with spherical sounds and FX sounds instead of classic film composing. In this module we will go through your film scenes, analyze them and perfect them for the customers. Work is also done interactively on the computer.



module #16 Frequently booked! PROFESSIONAL GEMA & GVL CONTROLLING
Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

70% of composer income comes from worldwide royalties. Participants book this module again and again and find out how much money they have already lost due to missing or incorrect controlling at Gema, GVL or Label Income. How funds can be collected retrospectively will be discussed. But it is much more important how you can increase your future income through correct controlling with GEMA and GVL. The essential basic rules of Gema and GVL are explained here, including rating, pension, label income, digital and manual controlling, streaming, factory registrations, sound files, complaints, TV tables, foreign royalties or AV lists. In addition, it is explained in which musical genres you get paid particularly well royalties.



Coaching 3 hours each, can be extended as required

With the help of professional orchestral sound libraries, the correct programming of solo instruments, working with the powerful host VEP7 and authentic orchestral room simulations, various audio examples and your scored film scenes show how to compose and orchestrate music for Hollywood blockbusters.



Additional moduls & themes:

  • Sequencing software, working with Logic Pro with useful tips
  • Optimizing your logic session. Useful logic sessions for film music
  • Working with VEP7: significantly more power for your sound libraries
  • New sound libraries for orchestras & synthesizers, RAM expansion
  • Libraries with Plug-ins e.g. for reverb, equalizer, delay, contradiction, compression, Effects, sequencing
  • Design your own logic with Colorizer
  • New computers, monitors, hardware synthesizers, outboard equipment, microphones
  • First steps Recording, studio and orchestral microphones, decker tree, tube technology
  • Studio construction and insulation: materials such as wood, linoleum and foam
  • Ergonomics in the recording studio, acoustic modules, surround sound, the right monitors, A / B comparison
  • Analysis and improvement of your composed works with the DRAMALYSE METHOD
  • Orchestration and arrangement
  • Hollywood Scoring with VEP7 and Spitfire Audio
  • MModern Scoring: between pop music and score, harmonies, synthi programming
  • Dramaturgical composing for action, drama, thriller, pop and comedy
  • Music for cinema films, television films, documentaries, advertising and image films
  • Time management for film composers and artists: how do I manage 30% to 50% more work a day without stress?
  • Label, GVL, Gema, commission, musician’s fees, licenses, royalties, GEMA pension
  • Founding of your own company with label and recycling chain. Get attention worldwide!
  • Controlling with BMAT, soundmouse, soundfile & social media
module #22 OTHERS
  • Individual YOUR topics: just ask!