Since April 2021 i`m offering my PRIVATE FILMMUSIC & MUSIC COACHINGS (Film music lessons) in addition to the film music weekend workshops. The months from April to May were already fully booked. The individual coaching with various thematic modules enables a professional study of film music. Up to 25 different topic complexes and many new modules are offered, from the basic training to professional film and music composers. The coaching takes place using the Zoom software, you need basic knowledge, which I would be happy to support you. With several cameras you get different video views from the recording studio and an excellent speaker transmission. The sound for music is transmitted to you in hi-fi stereo. My complete logic session with all 600 tracks, mixer, plug-ins and film will also be transmitted on your screen.

Registration with a personal coaching at
Coachings by arrangement from Monday to Fri, starting at 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.
EUR 80 per 60 minutes, plus VAT

Topics and modules:

  • Sequencing software, working with Logic Pro with useful tips
  • Working with VEP7: significantly more power for your sound libraries
  • Analysis and improvement of your composed works with the DRAMALYSE METHOD
  • New computers, monitors, hardware synthesizers, outboard equipment, microphones
  • New sound libraries for orchestras & synthesizers, RAM expansion
  • Libraries with Plug-ins e.g. for reverb, equalizer, delay, contradiction, compression, Effects, sequencing
  • NEW: Design your own logic with Colorizer
  • NEW: Founding of your own company with label and recycling chain. Get attention worldwide!
  • First steps Recording, studio and orchestral microphones, decker tree, tube technology
  • Studio construction and insulation: materials such as wood, linoleum and foam
  • Ergonomics in the recording studio, acoustic modules, surround sound, the right monitors, A / B comparison
  • Orchestration and arrangement
  • NEW: Hollywood Scoring with VEP7 and Spitfire Audio
  • NEW: Modern Scoring: between pop music and score, harmonies, synthi programming
  • Dramaturgical composing for action, drama, thriller, pop and comedy
  • Optimizing your logic session. Useful logic sessions for film music
  • Corona-resistant job orientation: Job search in times of Corona, your future & prospects
  • Your music on spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In & Co. How do I earn money with it?
  • NEW: Your website: successful presentation as an artist
  • NEW: Successful acquisition in 14 steps: Showreel, influencer, composer, producer, musician, sound developer
  • NEW: Label, GVL, Gema, commission, musician’s fees, licenses, royalties, GEMA pension
  • Your income & expenses, bills, negotiation concepts, investments, provisions
  • Contracts & contract negotiations, founding of labels and publishers, software developers
  • NEW: Cooperation with directors, editors and producers
  • Music for cinema films, television films, documentaries, advertising and image films
  • Individual YOUR topics: just ask!