About Me

Marcel Barsotti is a swiss film composer. From 1982 – 1988 he studied composition, piano and clarinet at the Conservatory of Munich (Germany) and in the studios of film composer Harold Faltermeyer. During these years he worked with famous directors and producers like Sönke Wortmann, Günter Rohrbach, Caroline Link, Luc Besson-Production, Carl Schenkel, Anno Saul, Josée Dayan, Eberhard Junkersdorf, Paul Hills, Christoph Schrewe and Hark Bohm. Since 1995 Barsotti has composed the scores for more than 90 national and international movies & commercials such as Pope Joan, The miracle of Bern Jesus loves me, Germany. A summer fairy tale „The Sea Wolf“ „Bible Code“ „Running Pig Rudi Russel 2“ „Kebab Connection“ or „The Poet“. Barsotti received the German Record Critics` Award, the Director’s Choice by the Park City Filmmusic Festival in Utah. He was also nominated in by the Verband der deutschen Filmkritik and by The Score of the Year . Barsotti got three nominations by the German Television Award and he won the German Designer Award . In 2017 Barsotti was nominated for the German Music Author Award. He is also contributing to the worldwide ethnic Sample Library Ethno World. Barsotti is member of Die deutsche Filmakademie, Deutsche Fernsehakademie, Deutscher Komponistenverband and in the commitee of the DEFKOM“. In 2015 the International Filmfestival Braunschweig released the first film retrospective with two live to movie concert premiers. In 2017 Barsotti founded the new production music company TFM

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