tv movies

Holiday with mom
Komödie GER 2018
INSPECTOR JURY – Death of the Harlekin
Thriller GER 2018 Main Title
The midwife II
History Thriller GER 2016
The Udo Honey story
Comedy GER 2015
The golden shore
History Drama GER/CZ 2015
The midwife
History Thriller GER/CZ/AT 2015
Understanding women
Comedy GER 2014
Love on the fjord – Pull of tides
Drama GER 2013 Winner Best Original Score
the minister
Comedy GER 2013 Nominee Best Original Score
Love on the Fjord – Farewell to Hannah
Drama GER 2012 Nominee Best Original Score
Elli & the spoon
Comedy GER 2012
To be or not to be
Comedy GER 2011
Then came Lucy
Drama GER 2011
Love on the fjord – Sea of women
Drama GER 2011 Winner Best Original Score
Oh Shit!
Comedy GER 2011
The sea wolf
History Thriller in two parts GER 2009
Love in the no-hold
Comedy GER 2008
The bible code
Fantasy Thriller in two parts GER 2008
Man at your side
Comedy GER 2008
Oh christmas tree
Comedy GER 2006
Sky over australia
Action Thriller in two parts GER 2006
Clinic in the alps
Drama GER 2006 (Add. Music)
The doctor
Nomination Best Score Drama GER 2004
Return of the father
Nomintation Best Score Drama in two parts GER 2004
Friend from the past
Drama GER 2002
Operation Rubicon
Action Thriller two-part GER 2002
The novice
Drama GER 2002
Cold touch
Thriller GER 2001
Yeti in love
Fantasy Thriller GER 2001
The plastic bag killer
Thriller GER 2001
Club of the green widows
Thriller GER 2001
Fear in my heart
Thriller GER 1999
Action Thriller GER 1999
Only life matters
Thriller GER/FRA 1998
Action Thriller GER/CHI 1998
Thriller GER/USA 1998
A sin too much
Thriller GER 1998
Gate of fire
Action Thriller GER 1998
Island of fear
Thriller GER 1997
Brothers of life and death
Action Thriller GER 1996
A bear for all cases
Drama GER 1996
Thunder in Paradise
Series USA 1994 (Add. music)
Series GER 1993 (Arranger)
Days of our lives
Series USA 1993 (Add. music)