new york tri-state film festival

WINNER of the NEW YORK TRI-STATE FILM FESTIVAL | Last week I was still nominated: thank you very much for the honour receiving the award in the category BEST SCORE at the NYTS Film Festival for „La Línea Imaginaria“. A total of 54 films and scores were in competition in the first season. I would like to thank the Festival President Jillian Torres, the screening and online screening programmer Arlo Tailor, the promotion editor Eduardo Rivera, for the Close Up Magazine Mr. Garry Turner, for the poster graphics Armin Ebrahimi, the producers Camila Reus, Manuel Escobar and Philip Escobar-Jung, the film team Heixan Robles, Gabriel Coss, Ana Cristina Orti, the actors Julio Ramos Velez and Noé Saldaña and many other contributors. And special thanks to my director Philip Escobar-Jung.