happy nu year 2024

‍HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024! What an incredible year: 9 of my film projects, where I wrote the music won international awards, including the motion picture „La Línea Imaginaria“ with currently 35 awards and 14 nominations according to IMDB. The film projects Forgiveness | Ten Years Without Spring, The Portrait, Klabautermann and the music videos The New Human, Fields, On Your Planet, DNA and La Línea (Music Video) have also received several awards. And 6 new albums i released, such as YOX, The Man by Her Side, Oh Christmas Tree, Love by the Fjords, The Portrait and La Linea Imaginaria. I’m really looking forward to 2024: new film projects, new soundtracks and solo albums as well as various festival releases of current films. I would like to thank all the people here for your amazing support in this year, so creatively and emotionaly.