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    *Soundtrack, Electronic Score, Electronica
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    Electronica, Ambient, Soundscapes, Electronic
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LC57255 EAN 4251439124430
21 tracks, 46 min.

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EARTH is a time travel from earth to earth. In the far future the resources of the earth will be exhausted, the human species will fight for survival. While the last preserve the beauty of the earth, others are already on their way to a new future. The electronic Soundscapes Ambient album plays with spherical pads, emotional moods and dynamic, percussive drum elements.

01 Earth-Urban Earth
Earth - Earthrise
04 Earth-Collapse
03 Earth-The Collective
06 Earth-The New Human
08 Earth-Android
20 Earth-Totally Digital
19 Earth-Species
18 Earth-Virus
11 Earth-Arrival
09 Earth-Awakening