“COMEDY SCORING” by Marcel Barsotti

On March 23 and 24, 2019, another two-day film music workshop will take place in the new BAM recording studio in Starnberg.  Topic of the workshop is composing for TV comedies and dramas.  In addition, new studio software will be introduced and scenes electronically set to music on-site.  We will discuss how to properly set up a recording studio for film music and how to produce a a show reel, and I will answer any questions regarding acquisition, Gema, GVL, contracts and publishing rights.  Everyone will have the opportunity to set to music one or several film scenes in advance, which together we will then analyze and discuss in the workshop.

Each year, the BAM Music Studio hosts a major two-day film music workshop with state-of-the-art technology, sound design, software, and up-to-date computer systems. The workshop is suited for both beginners and advanced students.Using numerous film production sequences, we will, live on the computer, analyze film scenes for script, composition and arrangement.

You will have the chance, to add a soundtrack to a film scene which I will provide, and then analyze and review in the workshop, with tips and suggestions for additional compositions.  Each participant will receive a certificate for attending the  workshop.


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